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I'm so sorry! I haven't written since right after I got here! I've been in Seoul now for 12 days and I LOVE IT! For the first while before university started, I was staying in Sinsa-dong, right by Garosu-gil. Now I've moved into the Hanyang University dorms and while they're MUCH bigger, I find myself missing Sinsa a lot at night. Sinsa was crazy at night, and I had 3 noraebangs that I could see from my window, not even counting the ones further down the street! Noraebangs are karaoke rooms, and are a huge part of Korean culture, you find them everywhere here and people will sing until the early hours of the morning. Being surrounded by them meant I was surrounded by noise, but I was surrounded by happiness. There's no room for negativity on a street full of noraebangs. Plus, everything was so close to me, I felt surrounded by this amazing city.
Hanyang University Campus is quite different than the Seoul I got used to, but that just shows you the beauty of this…

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